design by Asia Piaścik


Project in collaboration with Association "Based in Warsaw" and The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

Roller-blind made of delicate strips of wood, dyed in the different tones of one colour. Inspired by a straw mate.
Made in traditional weaving technique in Kurpie region of Poland.





'Świetlik' /'Skylight' Installation in Wrocław.
The installation was created within the project "WROCŁAW - BACKYARD DOOR" which is an element of the Visual Arts component of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 programme.





Lunar is an innovative lamp for indoor use.
The original character of this lamp stems from two things: the unusual, striking cut of the timeless round shape and an entirely new quality of lighting. The light source, located in the aluminium body, directs the light straight down.


dobry wzór 2016must have


Concrete cities and sleek urban parks do not offer many places of refuge for wild pollinators, although, paradoxically, the lack of pesticides works to their advantage. Creating a place for them supports their important function, which is the pollination of plants.



Sand Toys is a project realised for the exhibition "Sieci" (network) for Gdynia Design Days Festival 2015.
It is a series of kinetic objects, that are using sand properties, is't movement, gravity and centrifugal force.
Toys could be available in public places, where sometimes children companion the adults, and get bored, while the adults do their business.



It is a system of wall lighting panels. Built of single elements, that you can freely combine on the wall,
building the lighting structure.
The single elements reflect and diffuse in a soft way light coming form the LED light source on the fine structure mounted in a certain distance to the main element.
This creates an indirect ambient light.


produkt rekomendowany do nagrody Dobry Wzór 2015


Reflex is a project created as a solution to brighten the north or the east front of the building.
Reflective screens brought on the building facing the south side direct the rays of sunlight falling on the front to the neighbours, who gets much less sunlight.
Screens are built of the modular elements, which can be combined together and freely arranged on the wall.

photograpfy: Michał Dąbrowski


produkt rekomendowany do konkursu dobry wzór 2016


It is a  romantic idea to bring a little white cloudlet over your head in your  bedroom or dinning room.
The Sugarcloud ceiling lamp, crocheted from white cotton thread takes the shape of a cloud. 
The lamp has been created using a technique traditional to the south of Poland, taken from crocheted Christmas tree decorations. Little white crocheted angels, stars and snowflakes are dipped into a mixture of water and sugar. This allows to shape them and when they have dried makes them stiff and durable.



Intergalactic 47 is a lamp, devoted for reading.
It's construction allows to direct precisely the light beam, which makes it very efficient.
Energy-saving LED reflector, placed in aluminium body is directing the light beam straight up.
On the top of lamp is mounted an adjustable reflector, which lets us to direct the spotlight, where we choose.



Velornament is a wallpaper. It's graphic pattern is composed of bicycle tread prints.
The esthetic value of this simple technical element is rather disregarded in everyday use.
Here it is transformed into a decorative element and composed in a way which requires
a second look to recognize the origin of the ornamental lines.



Unplugged is a project realized in the spirit of recycling.
A high stool, bicycle wheel and a bicycle front light were assembled into a lamp, that doesn't require a plug.
You generate the light, by yourself, by spinning the wheel.



Open-air club in Warsaw/ summer 2010.
Cud is situated in the central part of Warsaw, directly on the riverbank.
You'll find there a bar with a roof-terrace, a music stage and an open-air area with seating
where the guests can enjoy music and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.
The seasonal character of the enterprise impacted the design of the space.
When the season is over, all the construction elements can be disassembled or recycled very easily.



UFO is a stackable stool that can also be arranged into a bench.
Building 'Ufo' we have saved some wood leftovers from landing in the garbage and have used them to create
a new functional object.
In cooperation with Ana Aguilera.



STOJAK - The simple piece of cardboard turns into
a bottle rack.
The surface cut and fold in a spacial way gains stability and the bottle get the appealing exposition.
In cooperation with Ana Aguilera.
fot. Krzysztof Kozanowski



This TABLE has a memory.
Accompanying you during the evening it is keeping the reminiscence of the last moment at the table.
After turning the light off, on the surface you can see the shadow, fading photogram of the dinner.



HERRINGBONE is a storage rack for your movie and music collection,
Should your collection grow, Herringbone can grow along with it.
Single storage cells are connected by quick release skewers (borrowed from the bicycle),
composed in such a way that the ensemble repeats on the wall the herringbone pattern familiar from parquet floors. If you need more space, you can always add further elements to the structure.
The connection stabilizes the whole structure.



BIRDS OF PREY - wardrobe hooks.
There is a special kind of bird that hunts only for coats, scarfs and hats.
Save it from starvation!
All the avian elements, whose claws work as wardrobe hooks, can be combined on the wall without limits.
In this way the wardrobe becomes adventurous territory in your house.

Technique: lasercut in stainless steel



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