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Lunar is an innovative lamp for indoor use.

The original character of this lamp stems from two things: the unusual, striking cut of the timeless round shape and an entirely new quality of lighting. The light source, located in the aluminium body, directs the light straight down. The diagonal cut in the LUNAR lamp is not just an aesthetic device, but most of all, serves to subtly direct the light. The cut causes the stream of light to diffuse, which gives more subtle lighting than typical straight-down light emission.
The LUNAR flap surface model provides more options for directing the light. They are fitted with a specially thermally processed aluminium flap. This flap, fitted to the edge of the lampshade, works almost like a mirror, precisely directing the beam of light in the desired direction. However, thanks to the matte surface, we get a soft beam of reflected light. Thanks to that, an effect of soft, diffused lighting is achieved on the surface. The flap is positioned on a magnet, which allows for a quick and easy change of its position, almost without restrictions. This provides a nearly limitless variety of lighting achieved with this lamp. The flap can be also used to regulate the strength of light. If needed, it can be closed in a way that allows the light to seep only through a narrow slit. The ease of directing the beam can be particularly valuable in places where we want to enhance the depth of the surface, lighting of paintings and other art works, or discreet illumination of features of the interior design.

For more information on the colour range, finishing and purchase, please contact Aquaform.

LUNAR was awarded Must Have 2016, Łódź Design Festival award. 
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LUNAR was selected to the finale of the competion Good Design 2016!

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