design by Asia Piaścik


It is a system of wall lighting panels. Built of single elements, that you can freely combine on the wall, building the lighting structure.
The single elements reflect and diffuse in a soft way light coming form the LED light source on the fine structure mounted in a certain distance to the main element.
This creates an indirect ambient light.
You can arrange it on the wall in many different shapes and constellations: as single points, as lines or as the whole full surfaces. It is also possible to use different colours of the LED light source, arranging it in different ways creating light patterns , decorative or communicative.
The project came to life while I was working on the Reflex - the system of screens created to brighten the north or the east front of the building, using the sunlight.
The geometric forms, which somehow resemble an organic structure, fascinated me and in a natural way I started to work on the project to bring it also indoors.

© DINGFLUX by Asia Piaścik 2013