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DINGFLUX is a design studio established by Asia Piaścik.
The designer is focused on product design and the relationships which develop between the object and it's user.
As a result of this approach intriguing and exceptional objects that evoke user's emotions are brought to life.
Based in Warsaw (Poland) the studio cooperates with the local producers and Polish craftsmen.
Asia Piaścik was born in Poland.
Design Studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin (University of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany) with specialization in product design.
Design internship at FRONT DESIGN (Stockholm, Sweden).

Works individually and in different collective constellations. Gets involved into project on the border between design and different disciplines.
Since 2006 member of art collective DissoNoiSex. Its members explore connections between sound,
interactivity and various human communication strategies. Project run in cooperation with Stefan Kersten
(sound artist and programmer based in Barcelona, Spain) and Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez
(sound artist and composer based in Madrid, Spain).
In 2009 Asia created, together with Ana Aguilera and Marlene Schaefermeyer, design collective POLYGON,
winner of the first prize in the Warsaw festival of creative recycling PRZETWORY 2009.

2014 'Reflex' by Asia Piaścik was awarded the first prize in the Competition BMW/URBAN/TRANSFORMS, looking for concepts for improving the quality of life in the city.

***comming / ongoing events:

* 03.03. - 15.04.2018 - Reflex in the exhibition 'Acupuncture of the City' / CK ZAMEK /Poznań.

***recent ivents:

* 30.06. - 09.07.2017 - RE:MAIN exhibition during Gdynia Design Days, showing #3Dprinting can help us overcome multiple crises.

*17.06.2017. - 07.01.2018. - Hotel for wild pollinators part of 'HYBRIS' exhibition, taking place in Musac Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon.

* 21.10 - 01.12.2016 - LUNAR lamp in Good Design 2016 - exhibition showing the finalists of the competition - Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego, Warsaw, Poland.

* 24.10.2016 - 'Świetlik' / 'Skylight' Installation in Wrocław. The installation was created within the project "WROCŁAW - BACKYARD DOOR" which is an element of the Visual Arts component of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 programme.

* LUNAR lamp, created in collaboration with Aquaform was awarded Must Have 2016 award

* 02.04. - 12.09.2016 - Reflex in the exhibition PRAGMATISM AND BEAUTY during XXI Triennale International Exhibition in Milan, Italy

* 1 - 10.07.2016 - hotel for wild pollinators, in the exhibition THE CITY AND THE FOREST
during GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS, in Gdynia, Poland

* 7 - 31.05.2016 in Research Residency Program in Tokyo, organised by Tokyo Wonder Site.

* 10-13.03.2016 - new project, hotel for wild pollinators, in the exhibition THE CITY AND THE FOREST
during Desing March in Reykjavik, Iceland

* 18.01. - 24.01.2016 Reflex presented in the exhibition BRIGHT NEW. POLISH IDEAS APPLIED in imm Cologne, Germany

* 10.11. - 10.12.2015 Reflex presented in the conference and the exhibition "Design w przestrzeni publicznej. Zmiana" presenting the examples of design in a public space.
Zamek Cieszyn

* Lunar, light created together with the Aquaform company available on the market.

* 03.07.2015 - 12.07.2015 - Sand toys by DINGFLUX in Gdynia Design Days Festiwal "SIECI"

* 12.06. 2015 - installation of REFLEX - sun reflectng screens in Warsaw, Szitalna str.6

* 3-7 February 2015 - Greenhouse section at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

* 15.01.2015 - Project HARVEST by Dingflux was awarded with a Distinction in the Siemens Future Living Award 2014.

*05.07. - 05.08.2014 - awarded the first Prize REFLEX in the exhibition BMW/URBAN/TRANSFORMS,
Warsaw Poland

*04. - 13.07.2014 - REFLEX in GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS 2014
Gdynia, Poland

*SALONE SATELLITE 2013 - Milan / 9 - 14 April 2013 / hall 22, stand 26A


*20. - 30.10.2011 - ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIVAL 2011

*09. - 19.06.2011
DESIGN IN ACTION, Mokotowska str., Warsaw

*25.05. - 28.05.2011 - ARENA DESIGN POZNAŃ
Intergalactic 47 in Exhibition: FUTURE GENERATION.

*14.04. - 26.05.2011 - BWA Olsztyn
Velornanment and Herringbone 2 in Exhibition: Life in 3D - ART TERRARIUM.

*11.02. - 19.03.2011 - BWA Design in Wrocław
the unplugged lamp in PRZETWORY Exhibition.

PRZETWORY 5 in Warsaw/ Poland 
the unplugged lamp has been awarded 

ŁODZ DESIGN FESTIVAL 2010 / Łódź, Poland

DMY Berlin

Mokotowska 65/7 Warsaw/Poland

*with Polygon - Collective in:
PRZETWORY 2009 in Warsaw/Poland > 12 - 13.12.09.
*25.11 - 06.12.09. - with DissoNoiSex at Espacio Menos1 in Madrid. 
We will be showing a new incarnation of Repressound plus two new pieces
*Lodz Design Festival '09 in Lodz/Poland.
in Strefa Tymienieckiego > 15 - 26.10.09.
*Double or Divided > Graduation project at the exhibition Flügge'09 in Berlin
12. - 24.07.09.
*Gdynia Design Days '09 / Gdynia Poland > 09. - 19.07.09.
Design in a see container.
*ufo stackable stool > opening 07.06.09. 
for Uferpavillon in Berlin/Kreuzberg
*no.77 hotel room design > opening 15.12.07
for LaLaLa Art-Hotel in Sopot/ Poland
*Changing Vase - design Installation in cooperation with design group Front
from Stockholm/Sweden presented at Chocolate exhibition, 
2121 Design Sight, Tokyo/Japan/04.07 - 07.07

*founding Dissonoisex -art collective run together with Stefan Kersten,
and Miguel Álvarez-Fernández.
The group is exploring connections between interactivity 
and various human communication strategies.
Since 2006 installations and concert performances have been presented in Madrid,
Mallorca, Berlin, New York, Copenhagen and Cologne.
*Nightshift - day & night wallpaper presented in:
-Phaenomotion Design Inspired by Motion
Group exhibition/11.06 - 01.07.
Adam Opel GmbH Berlin/Germany
-Designmai Youngsters 07, Berlin/Germany
* 05.2006
WallWideWeb presented on Designmai Youngsters 06
Group exhibition "Modulare Structuren"

© DINGFLUX by Asia Piaścik 2013