design by Asia Piaścik

VELORNAMENT is a wallpaper.
It's graphic pattern is composed of bicycle tread prints.
The esthetic value of this simple technical element is rather disregarded in everyday use. 
Here it is transformed into a decorative element and composed in a way which requires 
a second look to recognize the origin of the ornamental lines.
The composition of the bike tread prints also has another, practical aspect.
The bicycle has nowadays become a very popular way of getting around in the city. 
Many people store their bikes, for safety reasons, in their apartments. 
As a result walls become sullied with tyre prints. With the Velornament wallpaper,
those unavoidable dirty streaks will mingle with the bicycle track ornaments 
and become much less noticeable.

Technique: print on paper

© DINGFLUX by Asia Piaścik 2013