design by Asia Piaścik


Concrete cities and sleek urban parks do not offer many places of refuge for wild pollinators, although, paradoxically, the lack of pesticides works to their advantage. Creating a place for them supports their important function, which is the pollination of plants.
The construction of the Hotel allows to use it longer then one season.
Little shelfs with canals for insect can be taken out and cleaned when the season is over, so that other insects can occupie the little rooms in the new season.
Hotel for wild pollinators is created, as a part of a bigger project, "The City and the Forest".
The aim of the project is to draw attention to animals living in cities, such as birds, insects and mammals.
The invited designers from Poland have created nesting boxes for animals. Their selection was based on their own experiences and express their concerns related to changes in the environment.
The exhibition "The City and the Forest" was presented in 2016 during Design March Festival in Reykjavik / Island, during Gdynia Design Days in Gdynia / Poland and lately during Helsinki Design Week in Helsinki / Finnland.


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