design by Asia Piaścik

CUD NAD WISŁĄ - Open-air club in Warsaw/ summer 2010.
'Cud' is situated in the central part of Warsaw, directly on the riverbank.
You'll find there a bar with a roof-terrace, a music stage and an open-air area with seating
where the guests can enjoy music and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.
The seasonal character of the enterprise impacted the design of the space.
When the season is over, all the construction elements can be disassembled or recycled very easily.
The bar and stage are constructed out of a modular container system.
This system enables the connection of the containers into different constellations
in order to obtain the required space. External walls and doors are built of glass elements
which give the containers an attractive contemporary look.
All the furniture, like the bar, storage racks and seats are constructed of the euro-palettes.
The palettes are equipped with wheels which makes them movable. Guests can rearrange them easily
according to their wishes. The industrial character of the palettes and containers has been warmed up
by colorful cushions, blankets and real grass which covers part of the seats.
Lines of lightbulbs have been suspended between the containers - light unites the space.
Project in cooperation with arch. Agnieszka Pawłowska.

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