design by Asia Piaścik


'Świetlik' / 'Skylight' Installation in Wrocław.
The installation was created within the project "WROCŁAW - BACKYARD DOOR" which is an element of the Visual Arts component of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 programme. The project consists of artistic interventions within the public space of the City of Wrocław, with an emphasis on its backyards — by which we mean large communal spaces usually enclosed by several townhouses or blocks of flats. All of the artistic activities were based on cooperation with the residents.

At the bottom of this concept lies quite a romantic idea of bringing heaven to earth, at your fingertips. The project involves setting the bottom of tiny backyard of the old house in Wrocław, mirror surface.
It brightens the interior, and brings the image of the sky to the bottom.

Photos by Studio Pawilon


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